Not quite as productive

A week later and I am still overwhelmed by the stacks of paper but I don’t have nearly as much to report on my done list but the to do list is growing at an alarming rate.

We did get the girls’ military ids.

We did get D’s RFO.

D did talk to the person he is replacing and gained a lot of really useful information (read more details to put on lists).

We did spend Valentines night filling out a gazillion forms (yes it really was that many).

I had a fabulous birthday week/end.  Our friends from Omaha came and spent Friday night and I was spoiled all week by spending time with wonderful friends – now it is back to work get it done mode.

I have been having a hard time getting ahold of Transportation for our no fee official passports so I am headed to their office.  There are some other issues going on (more on that is another post) which might affect our timeline or might not but will change the smoothness of this transition. If you know me you know I love uncertainty – I thrive on not knowing what is coming next.  Yeah thats me – roll with the punches never stress out.

The girls are so excited.  K and I were watching Barney yesterday and he was in Italy and she was so excited she couldn’t sit still.  P is making lists of questions and organizing what she is taking and what is going to storage.  She has been talking about it alot which is how she processes (sound like anyone else you know?).

So that is where we are, not much further than last week but still heading in the right direction.




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