Yawn and yawn

Another week, another list.

This week on my list is rest.  Can you imagine?  It appears I have double pneumonia.  I really didn’t have time for that.  I thought the doctor would give me a gold start this week when I went back for my follow up but nope two more weeks of rest.  So with that in mind my list is a little smaller BUT I do have progress to report – hooray me.

Yesterday K and I took Skeeter to the vet and now he is official.  Getting him on a flight might be another issue but he has the right chip and the vaccinations so now all he needs is a crate and his official medical paperwork done 10 days or less from when we travel.

Today we went and now have officially applied for our no fee official government passports (say that three times fast).  As I happily handed over stacks of paper to the assistant she had the gull to hand me back another stack on papers that I have to fill out for our Visas.  *sigh*.

So the last thing on my list of things to get done before Spring Break is our medical screening which is in 2 weeks.  It is amazing to me the amount of pre work that must be done for this move.  I think of myself as fairly organized and I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

On a fun note.  Last Friday was Father Daughter Dance for Brownies.  Here is a picture of one Brownie, her cute date and a little one who does not want to be left out!


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