Its been a month

You can take that two ways – it has been a month since I have blogged or man it has BEEN a month.  I went back and read the post from a month ago and I am so happy to see the progress we have made since that post.  I have so many more answers than before and I am finally able to make plans.

First we had Miss P’s 1st Communion and it was beautiful.  There was a serious threat of tornadoes and thankfully they went around us.  She was showered with love from near and far and had a fabulous time.  I was so happy to successfully cross that off my list.

Isn’t she beautiful?  Way too grown up!!!


So onto that impending move.  I have decided that I really do need to keep blogging just to keep myself accountable for all the little things that need to get done.  The girls and I are staying put.  D is going to be going to Italy but he will only be there about 10 days before heading off somewhere else – fill in the blank.  It was not an easy battle but we were granted an exception to policy for us to stay put and move over in a year when D gets back from his adventure.  So what does that do for my great big list?  Well we did get EFMP approval but we will have to get it again.  We did get our passports they will remain fine.  We did not apply for our visas so we are set on that.  Skeeter will need revaccinated but not rechipped.  I don’t have to sell the washer, dryer, etc.  I have another year to compile my list and decide what goes into long term storage and what we can’t live without.  It means we are getting a whole new set of stuff ready for D and trying to figure out what he needs and when.  There is a good chance he will be back in Italy about a month before we get over there so that Miss P can finish her school year here instead of having to move with 3 weeks left.  It means totally rethinking the news of Feb BUT finally having concrete answers that make my life much easier.  We knew almost immediately about the adventure but we just didn’t know if the girls and I were going to have our own crazy adventure.  I have been asked several times (sometimes several times a day) how I feel about this.  Well of course I would rather our family be together and I would LOVE for our family to be together in Italy but if we aren’t going to be together where we are now is fabulous.  I am thrilled with the school, our house is nice, the neighbors are great and I will very much enjoy the benefits of being on post (for example they already started cutting my grass inside my fence and weed eating!).  I feel like we are where we are suppose to be and that makes the rest easier to swallow.


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