Two weeks

This morning I woke up to D handing me a cup of coffee (Heine Brothers – awww) and saying, “Kiddo you’ve been here two weeks.”  Really – two weeks.  I had two feelings immediately – proud “Hey I have got a lot done in 2 weeks” and panic “Two weeks are already gone we need a better plan to see Europe I must get on this culturing our family business today.  So I am sitting at the kitchen table, provided courtesy of the Army, with tour books surrounding me, the internet flooding me with details and options and I decided to go back to the first feeling I had – Hooray we have survived the move – we really really have and we are here.

This move seemed like it would never end.  If you followed the story from the beginning we found out in Feb 2012 we were coming to Italy only to find out that D was deploying immediately so the girls and I stayed in Kansas.  So in reality it seems like we have been planning this move for 15 months.  I was constantly thinking – should this come to Italy, should I buy that for Italy, we won’t need that in Italy, sure I should eat BBQ one more time this week because we won’t get that in Italy.  Those are some of the sounds of my brain but in my real world I was dealing with visa issues, deployment issues, visa issues, two surgeries, visa issues, school for the girls, visa issues, organizing the house for a move, did I mention visa issues?  It was a daunting year with the constant reminder that ‘we are moving to Italy soon’.  When the time actually came to pack up the house and the movers were there to take the first official load our household goods, the things we would be seeing (hopefully) again in Italy I began to panic.  Should I have packed this?  I can’t let them take that we won’t see it until maybe Sept.  This panic and rethinking of our ‘we will let them take this’ pile resulted in me having 12 suitcases – yes 12- some weighing over 60 lbs and mailing 14 flat rate boxes of things to Italy.  More on that later including them packing us in the snow and me moving out of the house in my flip flops in the snow and sleet 🙂  If you know me this will not surprise you at all.

So while I sit here and enjoy another 4 minutes of reflecting before I go play battleship in our taverna with the girls I am reminded again about how truly blessed I am to be here.  The support we received throughout this last year throughout our friends and family in the states and people who barely knew us here in Italy but put themselves out to make our move easier still overwhelms me.  These are the stories I need to remember that are going to enhance my life and shape my girls just as much as a trip through the Greek Isles or seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.



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