Yawn and yawn

Another week, another list.

This week on my list is rest.  Can you imagine?  It appears I have double pneumonia.  I really didn’t have time for that.  I thought the doctor would give me a gold start this week when I went back for my follow up but nope two more weeks of rest.  So with that in mind my list is a little smaller BUT I do have progress to report – hooray me.

Yesterday K and I took Skeeter to the vet and now he is official.  Getting him on a flight might be another issue but he has the right chip and the vaccinations so now all he needs is a crate and his official medical paperwork done 10 days or less from when we travel.

Today we went and now have officially applied for our no fee official government passports (say that three times fast).  As I happily handed over stacks of paper to the assistant she had the gull to hand me back another stack on papers that I have to fill out for our Visas.  *sigh*.

So the last thing on my list of things to get done before Spring Break is our medical screening which is in 2 weeks.  It is amazing to me the amount of pre work that must be done for this move.  I think of myself as fairly organized and I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

On a fun note.  Last Friday was Father Daughter Dance for Brownies.  Here is a picture of one Brownie, her cute date and a little one who does not want to be left out!


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Not quite as productive

A week later and I am still overwhelmed by the stacks of paper but I don’t have nearly as much to report on my done list but the to do list is growing at an alarming rate.

We did get the girls’ military ids.

We did get D’s RFO.

D did talk to the person he is replacing and gained a lot of really useful information (read more details to put on lists).

We did spend Valentines night filling out a gazillion forms (yes it really was that many).

I had a fabulous birthday week/end.  Our friends from Omaha came and spent Friday night and I was spoiled all week by spending time with wonderful friends – now it is back to work get it done mode.

I have been having a hard time getting ahold of Transportation for our no fee official passports so I am headed to their office.  There are some other issues going on (more on that is another post) which might affect our timeline or might not but will change the smoothness of this transition. If you know me you know I love uncertainty – I thrive on not knowing what is coming next.  Yeah thats me – roll with the punches never stress out.

The girls are so excited.  K and I were watching Barney yesterday and he was in Italy and she was so excited she couldn’t sit still.  P is making lists of questions and organizing what she is taking and what is going to storage.  She has been talking about it alot which is how she processes (sound like anyone else you know?).

So that is where we are, not much further than last week but still heading in the right direction.



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What I got accomplished today…

  • Appointments made for EFMP/Overseas Screening
  • Appointments made for Military Ids
  • Appointment made for one furry friend to get a new overseas compatible microchip and rabies vaccine since his other vaccine  doesn’t count because he is chipped for US not international.
  • Paperwork printed for Official Passports (found out it is taking 8-10 weeks for those passports and then another 6-8 weeks for an Italian Visa), can’t make an appointment until we have RFO
  • Appointments made for Physicals

Plus on non moving across the world news I also did online check in for our cruise AND found time to grade.  I am on fire now if only I could figure out what is for dinner.


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So Italy?????

What a week!  My head is spinning and I don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon.  You missed the big news on facebook?  Assignments are in and we are headed to Vincenza.  Wow.  To say we are surprised is a little of an understatement.  As the dust settles and my list making begins we find ourselves still saying several times a day “we are going to Italy.”  I hope that I am a little better about blogging not only the experience but the move.  I have a feeling it will be full of frustration challenges that are new to us.  Somehow in the middle of all of this I was blessed to have a friend just move from Vincenza who lives across the street AND our old neighbor in Lacey is from that area of Italy.

So what do we know?  When are we moving?  These are all questions I hear all the time.  The answer is we do not know.  Orders are set for July but things could change.  Right now I am plowing through the thick packets of paperwork D brought home.  Passports (no fee official and tourist), Visas, Medical screening, EFMP overseas screening, id cards, nontemp storage, hold baggage, and about 90 forms that need filled out in the next 3 weeks.  So if all goes well and they decide we are candidates to go overseas we should have orders and a better understanding of what is going on in March.  If you are counting that gives us about 3 months to get everything else in order to move overseas (did I mention two of my best friends are getting married this spring and Miss P is having her 1st Communion-oh yeah I like it busy).

So far I have gone through and figured out about voltage, watts, dual voltage – now lets be honest science mechanical things not my strong side but luckily that fabulous neighbor made it very easy to understand so now I know my beloved coffee pot and Dyson will not be going to Italy but my Kitchen Aid will.

D’s truck found a warm cozy garage to live in for a few years and I am sure they will take great care of it.

Skeeter although he will not love it is all set to go just a medical document 10 days before we leave and he is going to be part of this great adventure.

Wow – Italy – must get a coffee pot.


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Kansas Christmas Preview

It was suggested that I post pictures from Christmas on the blog so everyone could see the crazy fun that is our house —–but that means I have to blog.  So I got half of the Christmas cards out this week.  I would take a break from grading, address 10 go back to grading, lick 10 envelopes -yuck, go back to grading and in the letter I suggested people look at the blog for pictures of the house, more specifically D’s rotating tree which he is VERY proud of.  This presents a problem that I did not think about when I was licking envelopes or stuffing them in the teeny tiny slot outside – I have to update the blog in the middle of finals week AND while the house is exploding with Christmas fun.  So here is the quick version and later after I have picked the hot glue off the counters from Miss P and I’s last project and helped Miss K do her Christmas presents and find my tape so I can start wrapping and get to the post office to mail packages  oh and enter grades for my students 🙂 I will do a longer post (with a video of the rotating tree)- until then – a Kansas Christmas preview – D’s Grinch tree, the tree with a train not only around the bottom but one that runs around the middle too, Miss P’s purple tree, the Rudolph tree, the gold tree and my pretty banister!



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And now we are all in school.

The Friday before Labor Day Miss K officially began school.  She could not wait.  She has been seeing her sister go to school, have fun, get a cool backpack for her whole life and this day could not come quick enough.  Finding a preschool for Miss P was a super stressful, tear inducing, staying awake at night decision.  I visited schools, called references, prayed, cried, had more overseas phone calls with D than I care to remember, I might have even worn out the patience of my dear friend J as she listened to the pros and cons and my uncertainty.  One day I called her from a school parking lot sobbing because I didn’t think I would ever find the right school for my precious daughter.  Well times have changed.  This time I enrolled Miss K without even seeing the place!  I called a friend and asked for recommendations, called the schools, and then was having a conversation with my friend G and he said, “I don’t know what you are waiting for pay your deposit.”  And I did.  Just like that.  So unme.  We got here and low and behold the other school I was interested in closed its doors and left a whole slew of parents without a preschool and the options left are not outstanding.  Soooooo my laid back, not overanalyze, listen to the voice of reason preschool choice seems to be going well so far 🙂  The first day Miss K could not wait, no sitting still for pictures!

Once we got to school, she started to slow down, got a little more hesitant and then Big Sister P stepped in to help herald her into this new stage.

Miss P and I slipped out and headed out for our big girl morning.  She had the day off from school for teacher in service so it was a special morning.  We came back at the appointed time and this little girl with HUGE eyes came out of the classroom and wrapped herself around me.  It was almost like she finally realized I was gone and she didn’t know how I was going to come back.

The good news is she talked nonstop about ‘her’ school and how excited she was and day 2 was a success.  She was a little reluctant to get out of the van but once she was in the classroom she was at peace.  I slipped out and had an hour of quiet – silence in the house until I had a meeting.

My big girls!

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Our 2 wheeled bug.

So Miss P has been a little stubborn (can’t imagine WHERE she gets that!) about riding her bike.  In fact as I am sure our Indy neighbors will tell you there were many tears, laying on the ground screaming, meltdowns that revolved around her trying to ride her bike.  I thought it might give D an ulcer before it was over.  She has been without training wheels for two summers, they have gotten dressed to learn to ride at least 50 times and it ends most times with her not even getting on the bike.  Enter our new neighbor who Miss P adores.  She suggested Miss P learn on the grass. This idea was greeted with the same excitement that most of the attempts were initially given however this neighbor has some special magical powers and after 2 days…….

There was a problem of her bike being too small for her.  She was still using an old small bike I bought at a garage sale for her with she was not even walking (it was a great bargain!).  Lucky for Miss P her Godfather had bought her Christmas present already and it happened to be in a box in our garage.  Soooooo after a very excited “I am riding my bike Uncle Trent” she got her Christmas present early.  Now we can’t keep her off of it.  She wakes up asking if she can ride and goes to bed saying, “I can’t relax and sleep I am sooo excited to ride my bike tomorrow.”

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