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First Road Trip – Pisa

We decided we were ready for a road trip.  Heck we had been here over 2 weeks.   To be honest leaving the comfort of our surroundings was a little daunting but armed with our trusty GPS, my cell phone (texting questions about gas coupons to my friend) and a few wrong turns we headed out to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  D and I had a game plan.  We got on the road and to Pisa we went.  We arrived in town and looked for the elusive blue P signs for parking.  After looping around town more than once (and maybe a few short words said back and forth) we found a fabulous parking spot in a grocery store named Pam.  Free parking for an hour and half with a purchase – score.  A short walk (2-3 short blocks) from the parking lot we entered the walls of Pisa.  Almost immediately inside the walls there it is – the tower – leaning – alot.  I obviously knew it leaned (um Leaning Tower of Pisa and all) but it REALLY leans.  No matter how many times I have seen the picture I was not prepared for how much lean there was.  I am not sure I captured it in the pictures but maybe?  The other thing I was struck by was how this was it.  A lawn of beautiful buildings including the tower, a row of tourist shops and you are done.  Was it worth it – absolutely.  The girls loved it, D and I were in awe and of course we got fun pictures. The girls had been practicing their leaning poses for the last week.  We tried all different angles.

Skeeter was not so impressed.  On the way in and out of Pisa he peed on the wall to the city.  I guess maybe it is now Skeeter’s city?

Pisa and Family


Miss P loved the carved out details in all of the buildings.  I was surprised that this was the thing she was most taken by but I shouldn’t have been she has always been a detail kid.1985

The map – I took a picture to remember the lay out but also because it is hard to imagine what we are looking at was built in 1064!

1986 1993

Pizza in Pisa.


Do you see some silly girls who just spotted their daddy and dog?


Four of my favorite things.


Miss P showing her pose and ‘exhaustion’.  Skeeter is wondering when this can be over.


Miss K doing her pose.  2013

You can see the arch at the end of the street that is part of the wall surrounding the city.


The outside of the city.


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